Seven little Australians

Tác giả:

Ethel Turner

Thể loại: Truyện dài - Tiểu thuyết, Văn học

Nhà xuất bản:

Đang Cập Nhật

Định dạng: Epub

Ngày cập nhật: 20/03/2015

Sách miễn phí

Seven Little Australians (1894) is a classic Australian children's novel by Ethel Turner. Set mainly in Sydney in the 1880s, it relates the adventures of the seven mischievous Woolcot children, their stern army father Captain Woolcot, and flighty stepmother Esther.
Turner wrote the novel in 1893 whilst living at Inglewood in what was then rural Lindfield, (now Woodlands, Killara), having moved there from the city suburb of Paddington in 1891. The suburban bushland surroundings quickly became important in Turner's stories. On her 21st birthday, Ethel wrote in her diary, 'Seven L. Aust. – sketched it out.' (24 January 1893)
In 1994 the novel was the only book by an Australian author to have been continuously in print for 100 years. The book's original handwritten manuscript is held by the State Library of NSW.[1] The full text of the manuscript has been digitized and can be viewed on the Library's website. The original title of the novel, as written by Turner, was 'Seven Pickles'.

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